September 11, 2019

Added Another Seller on SugarKubes Marketplace!

Andrew @wrannaman

We're at a total of 7 sellers now.

I think people are starting to understand the concept. It's amazing to me how much work it is to even get a simple message across. Ours happens to be "selling code". It's literally described in two words and yet it seems it's taken close to 6 months to finally see some sales and get some other sellers interested.

My thesis on this business is that it doesn't need money, it needs time. It's going to take a long time to hit a critical mass of rad code for sale. I think it will happen it's just going to be a slog for the next 18 months or so until there is some kind of brand awareness.

We're doing well with starter projects. If you have one you'd like to sell on SugarKubes, hit me up!


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