🥳Second Sale Ever (1 day after first sale ever)!!

Second sale ever came in the day after the first. I don't think it's a coincidence that the two items that sold were starter projects.

I've spoken to a few founders here that sell starter projects profitably and seem to have found a thread to tug on for SugarKubes.

Though I envision a world where any software product could be built faster with SugarKubes, I think for now the current is pushing me towards starter projects. And so It shall be.

I built a second starter project based on the first one that sold. It's a react-native project that integrates firebase (with authentication already done).

If you guys have any ideas for starter projects to build next (or have one you want to list on the platform yourself) I'm all ears!

Reply here or feel free to fill in this typeform https://k8ty.typeform.com/to/WRs1JD

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