October 16, 2019

App for Docs published in closed beta

Anton Tatarynovich @AntonTatarynovich

Published a simple Google Docs add-on today, with some side help. No link yet, currently testing myself.

Add on is doing one simple thing - it's adding selected text to new spreadsheet in the same folder by clicking a button. The goal was to give content writers a tool to help scale content distribution. This add-on is the first step.

How it works:

  1. Select a chunk of text suitable for a social media post;
  2. Push the "Save selection" button;
    2.1 (This automatically creates a spreadsheet in the same Drive folder and adds your selected text)
  3. Copy-paste chunks of text into Twitter to make a single tweet or a thread, or to any other social network or community.

As a result, with same amount of time spent you get a quality text + dozens of social media & community posts to amp up distribution of your great text.

Simple, yet useful.

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