October 29, 2019

Planned a 6-week cycle and closed the 1st task

Anton Tatarynovich @AntonTatarynovich

Decided to plan a 6-week work cycle. By the end of November Onety will become a working prototype delivering basic value. By that time it should have:

  1. A website: main page + 2 more. (I've done main page design already. Built on tilda.cc)

  2. One guide (text + video) created by me, showcasing the add-on for Docs I have, and the process behind regrouping content.

  3. A collection of guides on content distribution via various sources, written by other people. I will re-write those in future by myself, but for now - great materials from all over the internet will do.

PS Before planning I once again sat to outline the problem to solve, my appetite for doing it (as written in Shape Up), the artefact I should get by the end of the cycle, and main chunks of work I have to do.

After some thinking, I've got this:

Appetite: working prototype ready by Dec 1. Five full weeks.

The problem: it's very hard for people to break through the noise and build a brand.

Artefact: Website with main page, regrouping guide and a page with links to sharing guides.

Main chunks of work:

  1. create working website - by Nov. 2
  2. write a regrouping guide
  3. make a video for regrouping guide
  4. collect sharing guides
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