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SurveySays makes market research faster and more affordable.

Poll 300 people in your target audience now. Get answers in ~3 hours.

March 4, 2021 SurveySays, v2!

I reworked the SurveySays tool.

We were seeing a lot of users abandoning the process halfway through. Based on their entries, it was clear that the previous version was simply asking too much of users.

People definitely want to survey consumers. But they don't really know how.

So now, there are three options:

  1. Test an Idea
  2. A/B Test
  3. Something Else (Custom)

The last of these is the same tool as before. The first two are new -- guided survey-build designed to help users accomplish a specific goal.

The idea (I think) will be to add more templates in the future. But I want to keep this simple, so we'll be very careful (and slow) about adding any new tracks.

February 15, 2021 Launched Ads Campaign

After several months of tweaking the site, I've launched a cross-platform ads campaign to see what cost per acquisition (CPA) looks like.

Because this is so new, I don't have a good sense of lifetime value here. So I'm not sure (yet) when these ads will have "proven" anything about the ROI on PPC campaigns.

But because of how this tool is used, and based on my experience with this target market, I'd be shocked if averages sales per customer was anything less than 1.5-2.

I know there are still some issues with the site. Nothing that doesn't work, per se, but definitely some areas for improvement. I'll be working on those continuously over the next few weeks.

January 28, 2021 Incorporated!

Just incorporated SurveySays, Inc.

Until now, this project was being subsumed by my umbrella LLC. But I wanted to keep open the possibility of raising funds in the future, and so decided to set this up the "right" way from the get-go.

On that note, I highly recommend Stripe Atlas. Almost effortless to incorporate and it's all embedded with Stripe payments (which is how I process SurveySays payments).

January 26, 2021 Added new survey build feature

Users have been requesting multi-select question types for a while. Just added that yesterday.

Now users must indicate whether their question is multi- or single-select.

I don't like adding to the number of decisions users have to make in order to use SurveySays, but this is a pretty essential feature.

September 8, 2020 Finished MVP is live and functional!

Cost is a bit high at the moment, but we have a very specific plan for how to both lower cost and add features in the coming months.

Write three questions. Specify your target audience. Get 300 people's answers to your questions in ~3 hours.

April 1, 2020 Came up with my idea

Came up with the idea after turning away too many clients at my market research firm (PeopleFish) on account of their budget constraints.

Wanted to lower the barrier to entry for survey market research, particularly with startups in mind.

Startups need market research. SurveySays makes that possible.


SurveySays makes market research faster and more affordable.

Poll 300 people in your target audience now. Get answers in ~3 hours.