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Genuine facepalm moment, now fixed.

When I finally published SVG Flipbook last year I thought this was going to be the one, the indie hack that actually works.

However, soon after I launched the Stripe integration with trial signups in December, this happened:

SVG Flipbook fail graph

People are signing up plenty, but then they never open the app. I just figured people were allergic to the idea of paying for the product, lol.

Fast forward to today. A trial user sent me an email: "why doesn't the app work after I sign up?" I try to log in, and it doesn't work. Wat.

There's a bug in the trial expiry check code. Nobody has been able to log in for months. People have been signing up and then silently bouncing. This explains perfectly why there are constant signups, without anybody using the app. Epic facepalm.

Today I fixed it. Trial signups are open again. Fingers crossed!

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