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The goal was to have a better version of linktree where users can really have the freedom to let their creativity speak by fully personalizing the look and feel of their microsite/Biolink page. For free.


Worked another unique Lifetime Deal with the platform DealMirror. The guys over at DealMirror are doing an amazing job at promoting SwifLink and this is helping us grow.

The deal with this platform contains 3 different plans, all lifetime deals and can be viewed here https://dealmirror.com/product/swiflink-lifetime-deal/

Now, I really hope to save enough funds to start a proper marketing and development team for SwifLink.

Thank you all for your support.


We got featured on AppSumo. This is a big deal as their platform gets over 3.5M visits per month and we hope that we can attract even 0.5% of their users to SwifLink, would mean the world to us.

We worked with AppSumo to get an exclusive Lifetime Deal which can be viewed here https://swif.link/dealmaker

This deal is not even available in our regular subscription plans.

Let's hope for the best now.

February 26, 2021 200+ acive users

Started to get a lot of organic traffic after posting about SwifLink on our IG, tagged a couple of influencers, reshared it and voila.

My goal was to reach 100 users by the end of February but we did even better! But sure, they aren't paying users for now, but I'll be working on a strategy to convert 5% of free users to the paid version.

February 15, 2021 40 active users

Honestly, I've been buried in so much work lately that I had to put SWIFLINK aside or a while but checking my emails today, we actually got more signups and from countries all over the world. This alone makes me happy, to see a tool that I made actually being used and making lives a little bit easier for each user.

We will keep growing. I will need to rework the landing page and set up the other helpful links.
BUT I AM HAPPY. Having been through a hell week, having 10 more users makes me happy.

February 8, 2021 We got 30 active users

We got 30 users signed up. Still not growing as fast as I would want it to be but it is growing and till now I haven't yet implemented other ways of marketing that the ones mentioned in the previous milestone. But thanks to IndieHacker and ProductHunt, I got some traffic and the SEO working pretty well in favour of the site.

February 7, 2021 Got 20 users

The platform is growing slowly but surely, took like 4 days to go from 10 users to 20 and it is still something instead of nothing.

I am trying to promote SwifLink using digital product platforms and on my personal Instagram. Will be running ads soon once I have enough data.

I need to work on improving the conversion rate because 20 signups for 500+ website visits is disappointing.

February 4, 2021 Got my first paying customer

Today one of my first trial customers for SwifLink converted to paid. I noticed when I got the email from Paypal that said "Payment of $4.99". It felt amazing! Just 999 more of these and I'll be exactly where I want to be with my business. (I know 999 more seems a lot but definitely achievable.)

February 3, 2021 First 10 signups

I know, 10 might not be a lot but it is still something. Currently have users from 3 countries already.

I am positive about this and I will try to work on some marketing materials now to really promote SwifLink to the competitor's audience, in hope that people will follow the better offer.

February 1, 2021 Launched Beta Version

Today, I launched SwifLink beta version to test it out and promoted it to my family and friends using Instagram and well, they were not really supportive but that is fine, even if this does not work, I know I've learned something from is, such as how bad you can work on something, between jobs, burn out every small free time you might have and no one will give you a hand.


The goal was to have a better version of linktree where users can really have the freedom to let their creativity speak by fully personalizing the look and feel of their microsite/Biolink page. For free.