October 30, 2019

Finished MVP


Finally able to post about my first small milestone after spending much more time than I'd like to admit. (But still 🥳)

The idea for Synergy4SaaS was born, when I observed B2B SaaS marketers consistently on the lookout for partnership and collaboration opportunities to grow their SaaS.
I decided to develop a platform, where these marketers get matched based on their desired collaborations. The intent is to make use of existing customers/partners/audiences to boost each others business and mutually benefit.

https://www.synergy4saas.com (invitation code: IHACKERS100)

The core functionality is implemented:

  • Users can sign up and enter what kind of collaborations they're looking for
  • All possible matches can be viewed in detail to decide whether to send a request
  • When a match is successful, a personal introduction via email between both marketers takes place

Now onto recruiting the first users. :)