August 3, 2020

Number of customers grew by 12% in July (EN)

Aurelien Amacker @systemeio

We went from 250 to 281 English speaking customers in July
(right now most of our customer base is in the French market)
It's a 12% increase in a month so it's good, but since it's such a low number it's actually not that great
What do you think of this result?
Our goal for August is to grow by 22% in the English market (to get to 343 customers)

  1. 1

    12% is pretty cool. Well done. Your Revenue seems to be decreasing. What could be the cause, people are downgrading?

    1. 1

      We got a huge boost because of the lockdown (we grew our revenue by 50% in 3 months). Sales of online courses and coaching programs have lowered since then, but MRR due to subscriptions keeps going up (although, slower than during the lockdown)

      1. 1

        I see. Besides the subscriptions what are your other revenue sources?

        1. 2

          Like I said above, apart from subscriptions we sell online courses and coaching programs

          1. 2

            Revenue breakdown is roughly like this:

            • software subscriptions: €165k per month
            • online courses: €35k per month
            • coaching programs: €50k per month
            1. 1

              Wow! Thanks for the breakdown. You have built an amazing platform that's fast scaling to millions in MRR.


              1. 1

                Well I don't know, we'll see :D
                Thank you for your comments!

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