June 11, 2020

systeme.io has passed $2M in ARR!

Aurelien Amacker @systemeio

The COVD crisis gave us a huge boost as many people were looking to start an online business or sell online courses
(we grew by 50% in the last 3 months)
You know what the funny things are?

  • we went from 0 to number 1 in the French market in 2 years, when the influencers don't promote or even mention us
    (they see us as a competitor as we also sell online courses and coaching programs)
  • our homepage sucks (we are working on improving it)
  • we don't have a catchy name or a cool logo
    I think it says a lot about the quality of our product and our offer
    Today we are getting more and more customers from English speaking countries. Let's keep rocking!
  1. 4

    We promote it a lot in our coworking spaces here in Guadeloupe. Glad to learn it's french haha

    1. 1

      Thank you for promoting it Jordan!

      1. 1

        You welcome! Actually we can even go deeper and build a program together! We organize a lot of workshop and the solution people often think about is ActiveCampaign or ClickFunnel. Issue is that the payment processor won't work here in the Caribbean. SystemIO does! That's a major advantage.

        Would you be interested in getting a deeper ultra local presence in the Caribbean thanks to workshop and events ?

        1. 2

          Why don't you just promote systeme.io with your affiliate link in your workshops and earn affiliate commissions?

        2. 1

          BTW Jordan, today I believe that in the french market we are the #1 tool in terms of the number of customers.
          If you look at the searches in Google in France it's 4k per month for "Clickfunnels" and 9k per month for "systeme io"

  2. 3

    What does your business do? I understand it helps u launch business but how? Yes that homepage needs a lot of work!

    1. 2

      We provide all the main features you need to launch an online business:

      • sales funnels
      • blog builder
      • email autoresponder
      • membership site creation
      • affiliate program management
      • marketing automation
        When people read this, the first thing that comes to their mind is "you can't do everything"
        So not only did we do it, but we did it really well as it is actually easier to manage everything under one roof, instead of configuring and connecting X different tools (and it's actually a lot cheaper)
        Regarding our home page, the funny thing is YES, we don't do a good job at explaining what our tool does, but at the same time I have split tested over and over again a home page like this (squeeze page style) against a classic one (with features and stuff), and the squeeze page was beating the classic one each time (twice the conversion rate actually)
        Since most of our leads come from our affiliates, we have to make sure the pages they refer people to convert as good as possible
        But I also understand this strategy has a limit (we might be converting better low quality leads and converting less higher value leads), so we are working on a page that has more explanations about what our features are
      1. 1

        Amazing reply! Very well, I can't wait to see what happens next... Do you mind if I do a YouTube video about this as a use case for my channel?

        1. 1

          No problem, if you need anything just let me know

          1. 1

            You split tested a longer page. Did you split test different headers or a subheader that says something to the effect of what you said above?

            Also be interested in the stats of visitor to paid user or trial rather than just the email signup.

            1. 1

              I don't remember, but a squeeze page will always convert better than a classic page with a ton of links on it.
              A page on a blog converts visitors to emails subscribers at 1-5% when a squeeze page converts usually at 20-50%
              With a page that converts twice as much I'm pretty confident I will make more money even if the value per lead goes down.
              But again, I understand this strategy has its limits, so we are working on a new versions that explains the main features we have

  3. 1

    Do you get most of the customers through a referral? Just curious if you noticed a specific channel optimal for acquisition because it is a pretty competitive space.

  4. 1

    I don't see sales funnel templates or samples. unless your traffic is warm and coming from Email marketing, Affiliates. I don't think that page will convert any cold traffic even to take the trial. I'm not negative, just pointing out what i think

    1. 1

      We will split test a short home page against a longer one (that displays templates), then we'll know for sure. Have a good day

  5. 1

    The numbers clearly says something is working. I would maybe just try to dig deeper and understand what exactly about the current method is working and whats not working with the other method. Then look for a sweet spot.

    Check out the content by @harrydry. It's really good. You might find it useful.

  6. 1

    Oh, this is amazing. I've been watching your posts for the past year or so, it's so great to see this growth happening!

  7. 1

    What was the sample size of your A/B test?

    1. 1

      Like a couple of thousands conversions for each variants. Twice.

  8. 1

    That's some achievement. Congrats :-) I visited your site and I find it difficult to understand what the product does from your landing page. Can you maybe add more information?

    1. 1

      We provide all the main features you need to launch an online business:

      • sales funnels
      • blog builder
      • email autoresponder
      • membership site creation
      • affiliate program management
      • marketing automation
      1. 1

        It might be a good idea to add that information on the landing page or explain it differently.

        I found the caption "The only tool you need to launch your online business" too vague. To me, that could mean anything from legal services to software development. None of what you mentioned above came to mind. But maybe it's just me and everyone else understands.

        Either than that, keep up the great work:-)

        1. 1

          No it's not just you, we get this feedback all the time, that's why we are working on a new version of our homepage

          1. 1

            but note that this kind of page converts twice as much as a classic home page with features and stuff, so you have to take this into account

            1. 1

              Innnteresting. Any thoughts about why?

              1. 1

                Yes of course, because you have less links and possibilities for people to wander around, and finally do nothing ;-)
                This is why on any given blog page you might convert 1 to 5% of visitors into email subscribers, when on a squeeze page it's usually ranging from 20% to 60%

                1. 1

                  A-ha. Good to know - thanks, @systemeio :)

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