We've passed $1M in ARR!

Ok this one is a biggie..
We've passed €77k in MRR. It equals to $85k, so it's more than $1M in ARR (annual recurring revenue)
Today 99% of our customers are within the french market. Systeme.io is already number 1 in the french market so our goals for 2020 are:

  • consolidate our number 1 spot in the french market
  • start getting some real traction in the english market (we have a few dozen customers from english speaking countries)
  • maybe start working on the spanish market (we just got our very first spanish speaking customer from Mexico)
    We are growing by 5 to 8% month over month so it is really exciting!
  1. 1

    Danm straight! Great work.

    I would consider going straight for the US market and not waste too much time in smaller local markets. We wasted way too much time in our home market.

  2. 1

    Wow never would have guessed. Congrats!

  3. 1

    Well done!

    That is a crazy ARR

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