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I was not happy with the existing tools to build an online business so I got crazy enough to create the one I was dreaming of

September 5, 2020 Our MRR grew by €8,500 in just one month!

In August went from €165.571 to €174.039 in MRR (+5% increase)
It's a good result as the previous month we increased MRR by $7,500
Right now my goal is to increase MRR by at least €10,000 per month
Growth in the English market has been the strongest with an increase of 28% of the number of customers (up to 312, most of our customers are from the French market)

August 3, 2020 Number of customers grew by 12% in July (EN)

We went from 250 to 281 English speaking customers in July
(right now most of our customer base is in the French market)
It's a 12% increase in a month so it's good, but since it's such a low number it's actually not that great
What do you think of this result?
Our goal for August is to grow by 22% in the English market (to get to 343 customers)

July 25, 2020 5,000 paying customers!

We now have 5,000 paying customers of
It's great considering that we passed 2,000 customers in September of 2019
It means a 150% growth in 10 months
I now manage a team of 24 persons in 6 different countries, all remote
We are gonna do $3M in revenue this year, my goal for 2021 is to do $5M (+66%)
Let's keep rocking!

July 8, 2020 New home page for!

When we launched in the French market, I split tested a classic SaaS homepage against a squeeze page-style homepage (similar to the one at
The squeeze page-style homepage was converting at 14% vs. 7% for the classic SaaS homepage!
So we went ahead with the better converting landing page. However, in the English market, where we have less street credibility and less affiliates, it just wasn't working.
So we hired an agency recently, and they came up with a really nice design.
Now we have a lot more details about our features, and a much better design.
We are gonna do a lot of split testing in order to make sure it converts well

June 11, 2020 has passed $2M in ARR!

The COVD crisis gave us a huge boost as many people were looking to start an online business or sell online courses
(we grew by 50% in the last 3 months)
You know what the funny things are?

  • we went from 0 to number 1 in the French market in 2 years, when the influencers don't promote or even mention us
    (they see us as a competitor as we also sell online courses and coaching programs)
  • our homepage sucks (we are working on improving it)
  • we don't have a catchy name or a cool logo
    I think it says a lot about the quality of our product and our offer
    Today we are getting more and more customers from English speaking countries. Let's keep rocking!
March 10, 2020 We have passed $100K in MRR!

Growth is strong in the french market (5%-8% growth month-over- month). Now we are focusing more our marketing efforts on the english market. We got great feedback from users recently, saying that our tool is better than the competitors, at a fraction of the cost. Let's keep rocking!

December 4, 2019 We've passed $1M in ARR!

Ok this one is a biggie..
We've passed €77k in MRR. It equals to $85k, so it's more than $1M in ARR (annual recurring revenue)
Today 99% of our customers are within the french market. is already number 1 in the french market so our goals for 2020 are:

  • consolidate our number 1 spot in the french market
  • start getting some real traction in the english market (we have a few dozen customers from english speaking countries)
  • maybe start working on the spanish market (we just got our very first spanish speaking customer from Mexico)
    We are growing by 5 to 8% month over month so it is really exciting!
December 3, 2019 Our affiliates earned over €30,000 last month

Our affiliate program has been so far our strongest acquisition channel.
We use our software ( to run our affiliate program
And since we manage our email list also with there are a few advantages:

  • leads are tracked within our database with affiliate IDs, which makes our affiliate tracking stronger
  • every contact on our email list is an affiliate so there no need to register as an affiliate (this reduces friction)
    Here is the official announcement in our Facebook group (screenshot included):
December 2, 2019 First customer from Mexico!

In April we launched the spanish translation of but it's only today that we got our first paying customer
(took a long time, I know...)
Anyway, we are thrilled because with our low price point, we feel our platform can allow many entrepreneurs around the world to launch their online business!
Ay caramba wey! Tonight Margaritas are on me! 🍹

November 30, 2019 Our Zapier integration is now public!

It took a bit of time but we managed to get our Zapier integration made public
You have to go through several steps and have at least 50 people using your integration in private beta
You can check out our integration on Zapier's website:

I was not happy with the existing tools to build an online business so I got crazy enough to create the one I was dreaming of