August 18, 2019

40th user | 640% increase in weekly organic visits

Timi Olotu @ExquisiteCorpse

Today, we reached our 40th user/contributor signup on òtító, 2 months after launching. This is a big deal because getting users for a platform like ours is hard, since users are essentially also contributors (who are working for free).

We also saw our highest ever figures for both organic weekly website visitors (which represents a 640% increase from when we launched) and monthly user interactions (such as votes, adding of claims and submission of sources).

We're also getting an increasing stream of users from search engines.

This is the first time since we launched that I've seen a pattern of organic growth in any of our metrics.

It feels great. One of those moments when you feel that it's all been worth it and that you might be on to something after all!

Onward and upward!

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