December 4, 2020

Launched on Product Hunt

Thomas Malicet @ThomasMalicet

Today, I launched Tailored Notion on Product Hunt.

It's my second launch there and I'm still not sure I'm doing this right.

Anyway, I hope I get some upvotes, a bit more visibility and also some feedbacks because the first users are very quiet.

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    Hey @ThomasMalicet congrats on the PH launch, I've just upvoted the product on PH.

    I've heard alot about Notion and going to give it a go just by seeing how you have organised your notion boards. Been in love with Google sheets/docs and don't feel like betraying haha.

    Regarding the website, I can see you have added alot of features to the product. It would be nice to make it more organised into sections and explaining the features.

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      I was a big fan of Google Drive too, but Notion much better to organise your work.

      And I agree with you, my feature section is messy. I need to work on this.

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        Just played around with Notion a little this morning. I like the different features of how you can organise your content/data. Planning to use it for a sub project from next week.

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      Just came across this , maybe worth joining to meet other notion users and talk about the product?

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    That's a really niche project if it's really only targeting users of Notion.

    That should give at least a very good idea where to find the interested people, not entirely sure if Product Hunt is the right place for that.

    Maybe Notion has a forum or something... Anyway, gave an upvote and good luck!

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    Hi, Thomas

    Your product looks pretty good. I'm not an expert in Product Hunt launches but I think the following would help you reach more upvotes in the future:

    • a video where to present exactly how the tool is used
    • a gif for the thumbnail
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      You're right, I need to work on videos when I launch something.
      I think that's still the best way to attract people.

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