August 10, 2019

12 Hours on the Front Page of Hacker News

Utkarsh Kukreti @utkarshkukreti

The traffic from Twitter had reduced a lot by now. In the evening I had Google Analytics opened when suddenly I saw dozens of users come from They had posted an article about the app (

I used this opportunity to make a Show HN post ( and link it from the navbar of the app. This resulted in my submission reaching the front page of HN within an hour and 10 votes. After that I guess HN users really liked the app and I ended up being on HN's front page for 12 hours, peaking at #4.

I got over 5000 unique visitors over the next 48 hours and over 70 new signups.

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  • Published Technical Guide to Building a SaaS
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  • Update
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  • Dropped a feature (and added a new one!)
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