Reached 10.000 users 🤯

We launched the MVP of Tally one year ago and this morning we crossed the milestone of 10.000 Tally users 🤯

Super pumped to see where this will take us, and I'll be sharing more about how we got here in the coming weeks.

Let me know if you have specific questions, or check out our recent AMA on Indie Hackers 💜

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    Marie, I love Tally. It is a core part of my wife and my business now. Brilliant idea and learnings from Notion - love what you did here.

    Great job!!

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      Thank you so much Alex, so happy to hear that!

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    Hi @MarieMartens. Do you happen to know which Content Editor are you guys using?

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      Hi Aleksandar, do you mean in the form builder (custom built)?

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        Hi Marie. Yes, I guess that's what I'm referring to. I'm using Slate.js as a builder for my own editor and I'm trying to achieve what you guys have in your editor, which are those controls left of the cursor when you are inside of the form.

        In your editor, once you start writing e.g. a Title, left of that there's that little "drag" button, remove, etc. I was wondering if you guys were using some library like Slate or if it is all just built customly. Thank you :)

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          @filipminev (co-founder of Tally) has custom-built it indeed, but if you would have any questions about it, feel free to drop him a message!

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    I have created an affiliate link to feature on ChandraSaaS.

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    Congratulations Marie!

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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