August 30, 2019

Tapdesk Beta is launched in the US

Ogbonnaya C Ngwu @ongwu

Our engineering team added two more features to the current MVP - Pipeline and Contacts feature. The contacts feature lets users add, store, and manage unlimited business contacts. It also keeps track of your activities with that customer. You can easily add users to pipelines, contact groups, request Tapdesk AI to review their contact info (email and phone numbers), and so much more

The pipeline feature is designed and developed to mirror the actual sales cycle and sales processes of the user. Users can create unlimited sales pipeline. Each pipeline contains a Kanban-style lead management UI. Columns in the Pipeline view represent landmark points in your sales cycle such as New deal, Negotiating, Closed. You can easily drag and drop deals across columns as they move through the stages of your sales cycle. Most importantly, each deal has a detailed view that provides the user with tools needed to drive deals to a close. You can take notes about the deal, add details, add participants (perhaps a sales manager), schedule activities like calls, task, meetings, or lunch, add files related to the deal like an invoice, email the prospect directly from the platform, and even share the deal with a colleague. It's simply a powerhouse that we believe will drive success for our users. Most importantly, actions on that deal are tracked by Tapdesk AI in the Deal Flow section. We deeply believe that knowing where a deal has been is important in determining where it will go next.

On December 5, 2018, the Tapdesk team was ready to show people what we've been working. Ten users were invited to the pilot. At the end of the week, the platform gained 33 more users. The hard work and outstanding engineering efforts began to pay off as the pilot users began to appreciate a new take on CRM. With feedbacks and opinions flowing in, the team was back at the drawing board, reviewing and applying feedbacks, re-tuning Tapdesk, and making changes to create a true all-in-one CRM.

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