August 29, 2019

Tapdesk MVP is done

Ogbonnaya C Ngwu @ongwu

We focused our effort in building the most important features we believe every CRM should have. We started with rethinking what a good dashboard should be for a sales CRM. After a long brainstorming session, we created a dashboard that is highly focused on keeping sales agents up to date. Rather than have a dashboard with a graph and a whole bunch of analytics like every other CRM. We decided to talk to a bunch of salespeople. 273 interviews later, we realized they all want to see their reminders, overview of tasks to be done. We created a dashboard that ensures when you wake up in the morning, you get to see the tasks you need to accomplish for the day, and overview of your reminder, ability to pick up where you left off yesterday, quick access to tools you use often - all in your dashboard.

We then focused on the lead search feature. This allows our users to find prospects in their industries of choice. They can target individuals or other business, add a few keywords and Tapdesk AI finds leads matching the criteria as well as their contacts.

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