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The United Nations gives us until 2030 to radically change the way we live and work or face truly catastrophic and irreversible consequences. Individuals feel powerless, I want to bring people together to effect change.

November 4, 2019 Business Services MVP Published

I decided to publish these pages with 80% of the unfinished content still hidden. It's much better to release early and iterate over the top, and I think the most basic proposition is worth having 'findable' on the site πŸ™‚

Ultimately it feels good to have them published and by mid-November they should be fully realised anyway!

October 31, 2019 The 1st Target 2030 Volunteering Position Is Open!

Today I published the volunteering section of the Target 2030 website and the first role I'm trying to fill:

Target 2030 is a charity and the only positions for now will be for volunteers (though one day it would be awesome to pay people ..or myself πŸ˜‚). That said, it's a great opportunity for someone who cares about the climate crisis to apply themselves in a meaningful and rewarding way.

I built the advert and the volunteering overview page in Wordpress using the Salient theme, just like the rest of my site, and the application form uses Airtable πŸ˜€

October 25, 2019 First Business Donation

Following on from agreeing to provide tree planting support for Target 2030's first business donor, the first donation has been made!

It's only new payment, but triples the monthly income, and it's the start of great things for the planet and for the foundation 🀞

October 9, 2019 First Business Customer!

I've been focusing on building a donor-base from individual contributors, but it's been on my roadmap to introduce a selection of business services to help companies operate more sustainably.

I actually haven't even gotten around to outlining the business donor proposition on my site yet 😞. However, whilst in a conversation with my employer, it turns out that they were intending to start donating to a tree-planting and sustainability initiative, and when hearing about my project it seemed like a perfect fit!

So, out of the blue, a business will now be making recurring donations to Target 2030 😍. It's a big jump in monthly donations, possibly equivalent to having 100 new donors sign up at once! At approximately €1000 per month (though that will vary monthly), it's going to, at least temporarily, supercharge the growth of Target 2030.

I'm going to use this as the springboard/motivation to really build out the business services proposition on the website over the next month or so. I can hopefully leverage the existence of a business donor to help encourage other businesses to donate too!'s always an easier pitch when you have people already making use of the service πŸ™‚

August 19, 2019 First Donor-Newsletter Issued

One month had passed since launch so it was time to issue the first newsletter to donors 😍I enjoyed writing it, but it will take a while to nail the perfect structure and content types! All donors opened it and I received plenty of positive feedback and a few suggestions for improvements too πŸ˜‡

August 3, 2019 10 Recurring Donors!

Despite taking a short pause post-launch to recover my energies after the 100 day project, I now have 10 recurring donors and we're set to raise at least €1200 this year to plant trees, maybe more! 🌳🌳🌳
It's reassuring to see the donor community growing even if it's slow, really want to push for 50 donors by the end of 2019 πŸ˜„

July 18, 2019 Completed 100 days of work and posting!

It's been a long slog, but after 100 days I've built and launched a charity. I had nothing on day 1, hard to believe really. I've posted my last post of the 100 days here:

I'll keep working, and keep posting, but I'll definitely not be doing it daily for at least a week! Thanks for following along πŸ˜€πŸ‘‹

July 17, 2019 Website Officially Launched!

After many weeks of slaving away writing content and assembling in Wordpress and setting up a whole host of 3rd party tools, the Target 2030 website is now published/live! πŸŽ‰
There's still plenty to do around the edges, and I won't start sharing it widely until the day after tomorrow, but it's definitely looking awesome and I'm super pleased to have the hardest/longest website work behind me 😍

July 13, 2019 My Open Letter is Live

I've been slaving away making somewhat of an open letter / manifesto for how I think we might tackle the climate crisis together. My website isn't launched yet, but in preparation, today I published the open letter page for the site! It was a lot of work but I'm super happy with it 😍

July 10, 2019 First Donations Are In!

I’d set myself a little mini-goal to have a few friends and family get the ball rolling pre-launch, after all, it is for them that I’ve been doing this project in the first place.

Luckily there’s plenty of enthusiasm, so I’ve gotten the ball rolling with monthly recurring donations committed from my mum, brother, partner and best friend (well...he’s donating as I write this), thanks guys! 😍

As my project is not a classic IH SaaS, and is very much starting out as a personal project to help/encourage people I know to fight climate change, it's super rewarding that the hard work on all the legal, banking, email, payment processing etc is working and accepting donations, just the last push in the week ahead to launch the website! Then, I can start the hard work of reaching out to my network more broadly to drum up support πŸ˜€!

The United Nations gives us until 2030 to radically change the way we live and work or face truly catastrophic and irreversible consequences. Individuals feel powerless, I want to bring people together to effect change.