May 31, 2020

50 sign ups!

Sjors van Dongen | founder of @MrAtiebatie

It's been a week now that the first version of is live and there were 50 sign-ups so far! Since we had 205 visitors that's nice conversion rate :)

Need more feedback

I'm still struggling a bit with the fact that I find it hard to collect feedback from people. I sent out an email asking for feedback yesterday, but haven't got any responses. I'm thinking about putting a widget on the website, asking for feedback. This way it's easier for people to leave quick feedback.

Looking for a way to earn money with it

I wonder if I add enough value to the table already to ask for money. Perhaps the only reason to find out is to ask for money for my product. I've been thinking to use a freemium model where people can use the basics of the copywriting editor and get more details about their copy for a fixed price.

That's it for this week. Make sure to check out a new feature I created yesterday since everything is still free now!

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