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Learn how to write copy for your website that uses the words of your customers. We analyse the words used on websites and summarize how you should communicate with your users!🔥

June 10, 2020 48 sign-ups in 1 day because of an IH tweet 😱

While my last milestone was about 50 sign-ups in a week, yesterday I had 48 sign-ups in one day! This peak in sign-ups was due to a Tweet from themselves on Twitter:


According to Google Analytics, I had 159 visitors but I think it's way higher. I have a goal set up in GA that records the number of sign-ups and it only recorded 34 sign-ups instead of 48. So they almost missed a third.


Although it's not 'going viral' it kinda felt like it, since every 30 minutes someone signed up. So far is my biggest source of traffic and I am really amazed by this community. The way people are willing to help each other is really valuable.

My biggest challenge right now is retaining people to come back to This is something I'm going to focus on in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned!

May 31, 2020 50 sign ups!

It's been a week now that the first version of is live and there were 50 sign-ups so far! Since we had 205 visitors that's nice conversion rate :)

Need more feedback

I'm still struggling a bit with the fact that I find it hard to collect feedback from people. I sent out an email asking for feedback yesterday, but haven't got any responses. I'm thinking about putting a widget on the website, asking for feedback. This way it's easier for people to leave quick feedback.

Looking for a way to earn money with it

I wonder if I add enough value to the table already to ask for money. Perhaps the only reason to find out is to ask for money for my product. I've been thinking to use a freemium model where people can use the basics of the copywriting editor and get more details about their copy for a fixed price.

That's it for this week. Make sure to check out a new feature I created yesterday since everything is still free now!

May 25, 2020 The Copywriting Editor v1 | Launch

Good morning friends,

I'm excited to tell you that the first version of the copywriting editor is now live!


Copywriting Editor
If your conversion is not how you would like to see it, take a look at the website cause right now, the editor is still FREE! It will help you use the right sentences and headlines in your text, with only one goal CONVERT

Goals for this week

I still have a lot to do. In the upcoming weeks, I want to add more best practices to the copywriting editor. One of the things I want to implement this week is the ability to paste buttons in the editor and check their CTA. This week I'm also gonna focus on onboarding people and improving that part a lot since I'm not satisfied with it. Also, the landing page is just a small edit of the previous landing page I had and for now, it was ok to get the first people to sign up. In the upcoming days, I'm gonna take a look at how I can explain the concept better and add things like a pricing table. At least I don't have to be bored this week!

For now, I'm only letting 100 people in for the beta. I already send an email to the beta users list so the spots are filling up quickly.

If you still want to have a free account, hurry up because we almost reached 100 accounts already!

May 17, 2020 Week #5

Week #5

88 visitors on the website

This week a decrease of 35% in visitors

14 new subscribers

That's still a conversion of 15.9% which is perfectly fine for me.

Not happy with either Google Analytics (GA) or Mailchimp

Since 10 days I also record the conversions on my landing page with GA. However, I notice some conversions don't show up in the GA dashboard. This is probably because people have GA disabled with some adblocker. About Mailchimp, I think it's way to complicated for a simple welcome email. Even if I want to send everyone a new update now, you have to create campaigns and all kind of things. I'd like to transfer everything to SendGrid but that probably takes me a couple of hours. Not sure if it's already worth it.

Released a new copywriting case study

You can find it here.

Preparing for the first release next week

Next week, the first version of the copywriting editor will be released. It'll only be available to 100 people to start with. This way I can give more personal advice to people.

Sign up at to be one of those people!

May 4, 2020 27 days of working on

After using the technique of the ticksheet as I explained in one of my posts I noticed it was way easier to get the discipline of working almost every day on !

In 1 month I took a small pivot moving away from Instagram and focusing more on helping people with their copy writing based on artificial intelligence.

In 1 month I had 249 visitors on the website and 13 signups. That's a conversion of 5.2% . Which is ok but not good enough. I noticed that conversion increased a bit after I moved away from the Instagram concept and made the concept clearer.

April 14, 2020 Prototype in one evening

I was creating content for an Instagram account I have and it annoyed me that I couldn't find an easy tool to compare hashtags and their popularity (based on the number of posts).

So in one evening, I created a basic tool that could create a list of hashtags with the number of posts using the Instagram API. In the following days, I started to add more features to analyse competitors as well.

So now I'm testing if other people find it useful as well. Take a look at .

Learn how to write copy for your website that uses the words of your customers. We analyse the words used on websites and summarize how you should communicate with your users!🔥