November 20, 2019

Released updated version of one of our features!๐ŸŽ‰

Agnieszka Kasperek @Agnieszka

One of the big things we've introduced in Taskeo was the team management. Its goal was simple - we wanted to help our users manage with whom they work and on what. In the initial version, you could have seen your team members, their time zone and availability (useful for people working remotely!).

However - that was NOT enough. โœ‹

We've received a lot of feedback and questions from our users. Some of their concerns touched the problem of "what if one of my employee leaves? Do I lose their upgraded account?".

To answer and solve this issue, we've just launched team management 2.0 which adds additional functionalities and allows the team admin to upgrade and downgrade other users.

See the new feature here & hit the subscribe button if you'd like to see more from Taskeo:

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