September 1, 2019

Grief, sorrow, pain, suffering... a.k.a. "Life".

Mickel Andersson @miickel

You know that moment when everything in your life seems to be going your way? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it Flow, and since I learned about it, it has been one of my primary pursuits.

Moments before Mars 15, 2019 I would say I was in a constant flow state since 3 months earlier. I had launched my product, got my first paying customers and already had a hefty list of ideas on how to improve the service. Things seemed to be going my way in life.

Then on the morning of March 15, everything came tumbling down as I received a call from my mother. She told me my father had died. I felt numb. I went from high-energy, high-motivation, bursting with ideas and a positive outlook on life to just feeling blank.

I took a break from everything and spent a lot of time with my sister and mother. While all this happened support tickets from my recently launched service continued to pile on. Bugs that had to be fixed, features that had to be improved and ideas that wanted to be heard. I did my best in answering, but didn't spend any time improving the service. I just had no motivation to do anything.

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