November 24, 2020

TCF Email Miner hits $25,000 sales 😃

Phil Spilsbury @philspil66

After five years we've hit over $25,000 sales on TCF Email Miner.

It's never been a product that set the world-alight but its one that consistently got us sales and when we needed cash and upped our marketing efforts it always delivered.

At its peak, it was selling 30 copies a month and hitting just over $2k in sales a month, and to be honest, if we'd put more consistent efforts into marketing it then we would have sold more.

In total the product has mined 9,855,181 emails for our customers over its life-span.

BUT it has sadly come to the end of its life-span. So from today 😲 we are no longer taking any new customers but will continue to support the ones we have.

Most of our efforts are now on but we might come back to an email lead generation tool at some point and maybe relaunch a new version of TCF Email Miner in the future.

A great little product and it also demonstrates that you don't need one massive winning product, sometimes these little tools/services that quietly deliver sales can be good to have in your business.

For now, we will miss you, TCF Email Miner.

But roll on

We still of course have active users on the platform so wait for a Ten Million Emails mined alert soon!!!

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    It certainly was a sad day to say goodbye to TCF Email Miner also known in-house as "EM2". It was always there for us when the chips were down and when we thought EM2 had reached its end-of-life it came back as strong as ever!

    Over its life, it when through two major generations of upgrades after its initial knock-up as a give-away lead generation tool. Remembering back the initial tool was knocked-up in the early hours of one morning while I was sleepy and by the evening I had a tool which was finding email leads by the thousands all based upon a single keyword.

    We were thinking about bringing out a 3rd generation of the tool and making it subscription-based which would have been the ultimate email miner tool on the market today.

    But, as with everything in life, it was time for EM2 to say goodbye. So after six years, we salute you EM2 and hope it's not a final goodbye, but for now, RIP.

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    We even had a new customer message us today on Facebook to say they wanted the product. Sadly too late.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Actually, that's given me a great idea!

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