November 21, 2020

JustLaunched Feature

Simo Mafuxwana @dlodeprojuicer

Today I was featured on Just Launched. Just Launched is a platform that lists new web products. This is huge for me exposing the project to more audience. I am looking forward to seeing it grow along with other projects listed on the website.

Hashtag celebrate every milestone no matter how big or small!!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Approved by Google!
    Happy to say Google finally verified my app! So anyone can safely access the live demo without seeing a sketchy consent screen. My app (magic.jonathan
  • Incorporated
    I've been freelancing as a Fullstack Web Developer for almost 20 years, and for the last few of them I've been thinking more seriously about incorpora
  • Doubled monthly active users in a month!
    Just passed 1,800 over the last 28 days! The growth curve has been insane over the weeks leading to Black Friday and moving into December. I plan to w
  • First open source user have first open source user. Every day i'm checking github stars and github traffic. Today morning i no
  • Glowbom Bots
    Introducing Bots! It allows you to create a virtual assistant using just your voice: Here's how the chat app looks like... [](ht
  • 2,500+ users and we're hiring!
    As we approach the end of the year, we make plans for making it even bigger in 2021! Today we have crossed 2,500 users on Contentyze and the growth co
  • Finished MVP
    After working on Analytics Tally for the last couple of month, I have finished building an MVP. Analytics Tally ues Google Analytics API under the hoo
  • Launched on Product Hunt
    Today, I launched Tailored Notion on Product Hunt. It's my second launch there and I'm still not sure I'm doing this right. Anyway, I hope I get some
  • I wrote the rough draft of my MVP!
    I built out a page in next.js and hooked it up to Mailchimp. Naturally, I found a way to overcomplicate it, which is that I want it to be an interacti
  • Finished MVP
    We spent a few weeks working on and learning about GUI desktop applications. There's a lot of different interesting nuances like creating an installer