August 8, 2020

100 Twitter Followers 👪

Moemin 🛠️ @muchkler

I haven't really been a twitter-type of person at all, but reading about it over on Reddit and IndieHackers has shown me that it can be a great tool for growth, and it has been. Despite having only 100 followers, I was able to get some decent traffic over to my newsletter. (Around 20 people, not bad considering the tweets themselves weren't so popular).

Anyway, great milestone and I hope by the end of the year I'll have more engagement on the tweets.

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    The use of Twitter for small beta users is a good one. Working on exploring this route more with my project

  2. 2

    Agreed. It's quickly become an important channel for us getting closed beta users.

  3. 2

    I fall in love with Twitter :) I have had an account for several years, but a few months ago started using it regularly. I met a lot of inspiring people, and this is the most significant value.

    Now I plan to do something with my account as well and start building a small community there.

  4. 1

    Great job! Any tips on how you grow your followers? Do people outside of your followers naturally see your tweets to your newsletter?

    1. 2

      It's a long grind, I imagine. I'm still new but I have noticed that there are certain tweet types that gain more engagement and more twitter followers as a result. Usually stats, value threads, media, etc.

      Other than that, follow and engage with people you enjoy seeing content from!

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