December 20, 2019

50 Subscribers in 3 months with 38% open rate

zahid lilani @zahid

Today, I reached 50 subscribers for my monthly newsletter that I was hesitant to send out 3 months because I had just 26 subscribers at the time.

It took me approximately 3 months and 3 newsletters to get to 50 subs without any promotion. Every time I sent a newsletter, I reached out to 2-3 people who I felt would get value out of it.

Subs and Open Rate for the 3 Newsletters:
1st Newsletter: 26 subs, 38% open rate.
2nd Newsletter: 32 subs, 38% open rate.
3rd Newsletter: 47 subs, 38% open rate.

What I learned from this is that you have to start and then show up consistently, the rest will follow.

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