May 25, 2020

Launched Omni - A tabs, history and bookmarks tool

Dimitris Zorbas @zorbash

We've launched Omni, the new Tefter browser extension that lets you search and navigate your open tabs, history and Tefter bookmarks. It also automatically groups together similar links.

We usually have many tabs open, it hurts productivity and increases stress. After a certain number of tabs, their titles are not even visible. Most of us switch between tabs, helplessly guessing by the favicons, hundreds of times a day. When it comes to history, trying to find a page from let's say last week, the browsers make it almost impossible. Think about it, Google with their Chrome browser has interest in you blindly "googling" stuff instead of really helping you. Firefox would want you to bookmark everything on Pocket, which shows ads and you may even end up buying a subscription there.

Omni is the fastest tab and history search tool out there. It's free, never shows ads and won't sell your data. All your data stays local and is optimally indexed. It's tailored for users who prefer keyboard-driven interactions. It analyzes your history and tab switching behavior and the more you use it the better the search results you see.

We truly believe it can change the way we surf the web and this is only the beginning.

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