October 23, 2019

Released Organizations

Dimitris Zorbas @zorbash

Users can now collaborate within a Slack workspace.
They can use the /tefter command to add bookmarks, create aliases and search.

We've been working on this feature the last months, testing it in some workspaces and experimenting with different use cases.

Within an organization, bookmarks are an integral part of sharing knowledge. In some occasions, one might search for "python authentication", to access the bookmarked libraries deemed useful by the company. More frequently people ask "What's the link for the API documentation of microservice x". That's how we came up with aliases. While we provide full-text search and calling
/tefter search api microservice x might be enough, aliases make this even easier. A team member will create an alias using
/tefter alias docs-api-x and next time somebody asks, some team member will call /tefter docs-api-x for the link to appear in the channel.

In the end, the organization will come up with some naming patterns, so all aliases for documentation might start with "docs-".

Organizations are free, for up to 5 seats. Seats are reserved for users who can add new content. However even in the free plan, every user of the workspace can search and resolve aliases. For teams in need of more collaborators, there are paid plans available here https://tefter.io/teams-pricing-plans

We've made the commitment to keep it free for open-source communities. Do you represent such a community? Don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter.

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