November 18, 2019

We used a GitHub repo to build a feature showcase

Dimitris Zorbas @zorbash

We created a GitHub repo to map and demonstrate some of our most important features to date at

It was quite a relief. After countless discussions, struggling to find the perfect design for our landing page that does justice to our features, we decided to go ahead with a simple markdown page.

We're building Tefter, not to be the next unicorn startup, but to bring real value to people like us. Our user-base has a tech mindset , so they wouldn't mind some markdown. There are so many things Tefter does that went undocumented and unannounced.

Maybe we were shy, or embarrassed, thinking that the UX of some features is not flawless or unpolished. Our core product is free and compares well against any of our competitors. We are proud of what we've built.

Our stance against ads, spam, noise is clear and our promise is that we don't sell or harvest user data. We hope users will forgive some sharp edges, try our product and provide feedback so that we can make it even better.

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    This feels more like a personal milestone for me. I'm not a very patient person. I don't create mockups, I code. I don't do much post development test