November 9, 2019

Help me with your feedback


Hi, I hope you are doing great.

I will be more than grateful if you download, try and give me your feedback about Tekel.

What is Tekel? It is a social riddle app build with flutter that allows the user to create and share riddles. Currently available just for Android.

For any reason if you can not try it, please feel free to give me your opinion about the idea, it would be useful. :)

Goggle Play Beta version:

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    I saw 0 comments so came to see if I could help. Unfortunately I don't think I'm the target demographic as I'm keen to play games on a phone, or anywhere else. I do like the idea of word/intellect games vs. Angry Birds crap.

    Best of luck,

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      Thanks, man, just know that you take your time to comment, motivate me. I appreciate that.