October 27, 2019



After spending some moth(3) on this project, finally I have something decent to get some feedback from friends, family and etc.

What is Tekel?
Tekel, it is a social game in which users create and share riddles.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBafjGAlykk

Why I am building Tekel?
I love riddles and also from my point of view there is some need for a riddles app. I know, there are a bunch of different riddles app, but all of then are self-made CONTENT.

What is the problem?
Finite content.
Content has culture and language barriers.

An app that allows the user to create riddles, you would interact with riddles, in your language.

What next?
I am expecting to launch this project by the end of the year, but before let me know what you think about.

I would by sharing the app with you guys, so stay tuned.

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