December 4, 2019

"Like Medium, but without all the bullshit!"

Alexander Pantiukhov @alwx

I want Telescope to be more beautiful, friendlier, and perfect in every aspect — and that's what all recent Telescope updates are about.

This update makes the platform faster, removes a bunch of redundant UI components, and makes the minimal platform even more minimal. Another important feature is the statistics for blogs. Yes, you can finally get the information about your subscribers and blog views!

Next month will be mostly about marketing and promotion — the idea was to choose a clear and understandable message. Our new message is going to be "Like Medium, but without all the bullshit!" and it's a very clear and easy statement that perfectly describes what Telescope is.
Indeed, it's fast, it works like magic, and it allows you to build nice and beautiful pages with an ability to export all of them and move to a standalone blog at any moment. However, there is no point in doing that — our editor is perfect; it features incredible statistics for your project and even allows you to use your domain names for your blogs.

All these features will become even better soon, so check the information about our recent updates, and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

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