December 26, 2019

The idea was born

Tomas Grubliauskas @v3nom

I stopped going to language school where I was learning Danish language. I did not like the slow and rigid learning structure. I was looking for a more modern approach using latest gamification and habit building techniques, and an ability to adapt learning pace according to my own goals and availability.

I tried Duolingo, Anki cards, Roseta Stone and few more online tools for language learning, but most of them focused on learning basic words and I exhausted what those tools had to offer too quickly.

Soon after, I switched to watching movies on Netflix with Danish subtitles and reading news in Danish. I observed a much more enjoyable self-paced learning experience. The only thing I was lacking was introduction of recall into my learning process. This is how was born. is a browser extension which you can activate on news article and see how many words you already know and mark words which you don't know yet. Statistics about marked words are collected and flash cards are generated based on spaced repetition technique. Random daily mobile/desktop notification reminds you about one word you don't know and encourages you to practice more words and read new articles.

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