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October 7, 2019 Tettra Sep 19 update: $24,934 in profit

We were profitable on a monthly basis for the first time in September 2019! After nearly running out of money 18 months ago, we buckled down, cut expenses, and brought the company back from the brink of failure.

We sat down and recorded our thoughts about profitability and beyond here: https://twitter.com/AndyGCook/status/1180200020764696576

March 6, 2019 $50k MRR & 500 customers

We passed $50k MRR and 500 customers at Tettra this month! Just a symbolic milestone (round numbers FTW), but nice to celebrate.

February 13, 2019 Interview with Andy on Cheddar about Alt-funding

Our CEO Andy was interviewed by Cheddar with Bryce Roberts from Indie.vc about alternative fundraising models.


January 14, 2019 VentureFizz Podcast Interview

In this episode of our podcast, we cover:

  • Andy’s background, and how he started a rental marketplace called Rentabilities with his brother, and how they were able to convince Dharmesh Shah from HubSpot to write the first angel check.
  • The aha moment behind Tettra and the current state & scale of the company.
  • A ton of details on the ups and downs he’s experienced building a company from the ground up, including lots of info on fundraising, finding the right sales model, & how they got to profitability.
  • The importance of staying transparent when running your business especially with employees.
  • Tips for communicating with investors.
  • Plus, a lot more.