January 17, 2020

Back in the game


I haven't work much during the end of the year. It was difficult to be motivated.

The ad campaign I tried at the beginning of September, indicated me that the ROI of such things is very low. I get some people coming to the site but few conversions. For 75€ invested on facebook, I managed to sell one legging at 25€. Not so bad but I believe, I can do it without ads. In parallel, I had a Adwords but it didn't bring me new customers.

During the last month, I made other sells through friends. So for the year of 2019, I end up with 189€ of sells and 348€ of expenses.
My expenses are :

  • Ads 139€ (Adwords + Fb)
  • Hosting 87€
  • Leggings 76€
  • Taxes 22€
  • Stripe 3.6€
    Closing the year with a result of -159€ 🎉

In 2020, I will get back on the saddle. My first goal is to improve my cropping algorithms. It's very bad and I think it's repel customers from buying. I love the site remove.bg their algo is so smooth. As I want something done in realtime, I can't rely on their service. I think there is small improv, I can bring to reach the level of quality I want.
I know only coding is bad but this is for the best 😜

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