Finished MVP

After about 2 months I've finished building the MVP for textreel. I mainly worked on this in the evenings but managed to make pretty good progress.

In the past I've spent too long working on projects only to find they were doomed to fail so my goal was to get the MVP ready as soon as possible.

I'm now going to launch on Product Hunt and Hacker News in the hopes of getting some feedback and market validation.

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    My engineer brain is getting enthuasistic with your idea. My two cents would be try not to get distracted with engineer feedback and real user feedback. ProductHunt may be, but Hackernews is hard to profile users. That's something I noticed working on my AI project, as feedback is much better coming from my dev friends.

    Since your user base is so clear, you could go directly to Reddit too. There are many active podcast community. You could even email podcasters directly to ask if they'd be interested.

    Also, "You'll be able to download your converted video files in .mp3 or .avi format." Should't that be mp4 file?

    Anyway, good luck with the launch!

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      Thanks for the feedback and taking time to look at the product. That's a good idea I hadn't thought of. If I get a few podcasters onboard hopefully things will start to snow ball.

      Ah yes well spotted. I'll get that fixed!

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    @chrispattle You will be creating an API for it if you get traction on the idea? The idea is interesting.

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      Yeah definitely, it's on my todo list.

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    Congrats Chris that’s a big milestone.

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    Congrats on completing your MVP looks promising .

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    Good news and I like your idea 👍Just finished mine too after two months. What a moment right!

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    I love how the audio in the explainer video sounds boring, which makes the text video look a lot cooler 😂

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      Yes unfortunately I have a very boring voice and a cheap microphone. If I start earning money I'll pay someone to record some sample audio clips for me.

      P.S Thanks for checking out the product

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        I don't know, I actually thought that by using a boring voice it shows more that the video transcription makes it more interesting. I would test both a boring voice and a really nice, narrator voice to see what makes the product stand-out more, or even showcase this as a feature (eg. makes boring audio more engaging)

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    Wow, impressive! Good luck 👍

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    Are you using any 3rd party API ?

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    I needed this a few weeks ago for a one time thing. The issue was the company I found was charging a crazy amount relative to what the service did (can’t remember the name but it was one of the main ones). I can only speak for my need, but I need a sound graph image / graphic that pulsated with the sound and subtitles at the bottom. Congratulations on finishing.

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      I kind of had a soundwave working but it wasn't 100% so I removed it for launch. I'm going to adding it back in as an option in the next couple of days though.

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        I’ll try to remember it next time I need one. The pricing is very good.

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