Implemented license validation for the API

This major milestone was difficult to achieve but is now complete. I'm so happy.

The API uses Gumroad license keys for validation and reacts accordingly - logs usage per key or informs the user that the limit has been reached.

The challenge for me was the sliding subscription, that is, a user has a predefined number of requests (example: 1000) for the subscription period (example: 1 month) and after the end of the period the amount is reset back to 0.

I drew the algorithm on a piece of paper, checked it at least three times, and then discussed it with my wife. That was sooo helpful - she's not a technical person so I had to explain the problem, explain my solution and get confirmation from her or not. At some point she understood the problem and suggested a very clever solution which I took. It is always very helpful to discuss your thoughts with someone else.

I am considering writing an article on how I tackled this.

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