November 12, 2020

In just 11 days November has become my best month

Valentin Hinov @ValCanBuild

In my last update I mentioned that leaning into search ads was starting to have a massive impact for Thankbox.

There's no bigger proof of that than the fact that in just the first 11 days of this month I've beaten my previous best milestone (which was October). I also had the best day in terms of messages created on Thankboxes, which was 198!


I'm already sitting at ~$220 of sales for November. I've been selling, on average, about 4 or 5 Thankboxes a day.

I'm advertising in the UK right now and have already had some really big companies and organisations use Thankbox for their employee occasions.

Now that the top of the funnel is mostly working my next goal is to address what follows after a user creates a Thankbox - helping them use the product and guiding them to a sale. I'm working on a whole new and improved dashboard as well as a pricing plan for smaller teams.

Really excited for what's ahead 🎉

  1. 2

    Love the idea - great job.

    Since you've got such a low price point are Bing ads profitable? That's great if they are.

    Wonder if you could offer a physical card as an upsell or as an alternative. It's probably not as price sensitive as you think?

    1. 1

      Yeah, the (real) basic math is that if I am spending £15/day on ads then I need at least 4 sales a day for it to make sense. Right now that seems to be the case.

      In terms of physical cards - my whole take on the problem is to avoid the physical card. I pledge to plant a tree for every 10 units sold, too.

  2. 2

    Insane. Start small and grow steadily. Keep it up. How much traffic you driving and what's the CR?

    1. 1

      For this month so far about 320 uniques from Adwords. Click to conversion rate is about ~11%, though I am changing how I'm measuring that soon.

  3. 2

    Congrats :)
    And how does your Ad-Spend look like?

    1. 1

      Thanks! It's £15/day on AdWords. I had Bing going for a while as well but, sadly, it just didn't perform as well as adwords.

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