May 8, 2020

Launched and sold the first Thankbox!

Valentin Hinov @ValCanBuild

I am super happy to announce that after 10 days of hard work on the MVP Thankbox is now launched!

It's been close to 3 months of building part-time and dealing with a lot of legal and accounting headaches around the business model (some which I am still resolving) but finally Thankbox is now live and getting small bits of attention.

I was super thrilled yesterday because as soon as I tweeted it out someone from Ubisoft picked it up, immediately made one and used it as a leaving card for one of their workmates. They got 14 people to add messages and sent it the same day netting me my first sale!

It was so exciting to see it being used and for exactly the reason I made it. I managed to get a lot of feedback from the first few use cases and used it to build up the next set of tasks and already added some improvements based on it.

The first user was so happy with it that I ended up using his feedback as the first ever user testimonial on the landing page.

Now it's time to get the next 10, then the next 100.

Feeling super excited and grateful for this week 😍

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