July 2, 2020

Sold 6 Thankboxes in one day!

Valentin Hinov @ValCanBuild

2 months into launching Thankbox I can finally see the first bits of traction appearing 👏

Today was the best day yet, selling 6 Thankboxes in one day. Yeah, it's only £30, but it's clear indication that we're doing something right.

We also reached another big milestone - at one point we were storing $700 in pending Thankboxes. It's awesome to see people trusting Thankbox with their cash and pooling such large amounts (often $100+) for recipients.

Right now its the end of school year in the UK and Thankbox has been a great hit amongst parents collecting for gifts for their kids' teachers. I'm hoping we ride that wave out with some more boxes sound and a lot of good will spread around ❤️

Today's Top Milestones
  • Weekend Club launched in Americas time zones 🙏
    weekendclub.co is the weekend co-working club for bootstrappers. Until recently, we ran weekly, Saturday co-working sessions 10am-5pm on GMT (UK time)
  • Update 126: +1 customer
    1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? ✅ Added 1 new customer for +$49 ✅ 3 sales calls booked for this week. ✅ Onboarde
  • We're live on Product Hunt 🚀
    https://www.producthunt.com/posts/newny Drop an Upvote and support us on there please! Over the past year, we’ve spoken to lots of organisations that
  • DrawAcademe - Launched on Product Hunt
    Draw Academe is a website where you can improve the quality of your digital art. It's catered for beginners looking to get a feel for art and intermed
  • New command: "/add"
    You can now use "/add" command to add one or more keywords to your list. Example: say you already have these keywords: [show] | ai By typing "/add rob
  • Finished MVP and launched for public use.
    It took a month, but I'm finally done building the minimum viable product for https://asteyo.com. I worked mostly nights and weekends, and I coded the