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10,000 all-time Podcast Downloads

Just 37 episodes into The Bootstrapped Founder podcast, I have just now crossed the 10,000 listens.

It seems that releasing at least one new episode a week without fail since February 5th is paying off.

Here is what I've done recently to improve the podcast:

  • I've added music. There is an intro, an outro, and some kind of music that plays whenever I read the sponsored messages
  • I've started asking for questions on Twitter. On Monday or Tuesday, I will ask a question related to the topic of the show, and I note down the questions I get on Twitter. Then, I respond to them in the second half of the show.
  • I try to keep each show between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • After I am done with the editing, I make 5-7 short videos using the Headliner app. Those videos look like this and are super useful, as they can be played right within Twitter. I schedule one per weekday, and link the podcast episode with each.

And that's it. To another 10k! :)

Here is a gigantic screenshot with all my podcast stats

And here is the podcast.

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    Congrats. 10k is a nice milestone to cross. Here's to the next 100,000!

    p.s. DM me, I've got some changes coming to Smash Notes that might help with that.

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