November 19, 2019

100 Newsletter Subscribers after HN post

Arvid Kahl @arvidkahl

Turns out submitting articles to Hacker News does matter. After listening to the IH podcast with Anne-Laure Le Cunff (who has a wonderful newsletter that every Indie Hacker who wants to stay sane should read) and hearing her talk about how she markets her content, I decided to post the articles from my blog on Hacker News myself.

Crickets for the first two. Zero engagement.

Then the third got some traction. At 89 upvotes, it sent two thousand views to my blog (which before had a hundred views a day and is less than a week old) and netted me a whopping 70 subscribers to the newsletter.

So at 6 days of age, my newsletter now has a three-digit subscriber number. I am very excited to send out my next newsletter on Friday.

This week's article (and newsletter) will be more mental-health-centered, as I am working through my experiences with FeedbackPanda and am noticing a lot of fears and anxieties and how I dealt with them.

As always, the newsletter can be found at - I will be able to add social proof ("Join X bootstrappers reading this newsletter") very soon.

What do you is a good number for that? 100? 250? 1000?

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