200 Newsletter Subscribers

After four weeks of sending out my The Bootstrapped Founder newsletter on Fridays, today I saw the 200th subscriber.

The numbers are looking good for the newsletter, and I am having a lot of fun writing what is essentially an essay every week in addition to the blog post that is featured as the first link in each newsletter.

I've actually had a lot of success in getting readers to reach out to me and voice their opinion on what I do well and what I don't.

It is a great feeling to be valued by people for whom you create things. A few days ago, Simon reached out to me on Twitter to tell me that my newsletter was the first email from someone he didn't know that he had fully read in ten years. That is the kindest encouragement you can ever receive. I am looking forward to delighting Simon and my other readers in the future.

I provide a full archive of the newsletter at https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/newsletter-archive . And from this Friday on, the new episodes will become part of my blog as well so that people can link them. Also thanks to Simon.

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