2500+ Newsletter Subscribers

It's quite incredible. Ever since I've went all in and published my book Zero to Sold, my newsletter numbers have been climbing so much faster than ever before.

This week, I have reached 2500 subscribers.

Here is the growth chart. The Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter is at 2549 subs, with a 49.1% opening rate and 11.71% clicks (which might seem low, but I barely have any links in the newsletter itself. It's almost all content).

It's wonderful to see that every week, only a handful of people unsubscribe. Five people out of 2500? Sounds like the rest of them really enjoy my content.

I have also started to add links to non-bootstrapped stuff into my newsletters. In today's episode, there are links about Cheesemaking, Starlink, and the first signs of domesticated cats. I'm adding those things because a) they're actually super interesting and b) because I can! I love learning seemingly random yet intrinsically interesting facts. So I'm passing it on.

Anyway! Next big milestone will be 3000.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my milestones, and particularly those of you who read my newsletter every week. It is most appreciated!

You can find the latest episode here, and you can subscribe from there as well, of course.

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