400 Newsletter Subscribers (and just two Unsubs)

As a last-minute gift from the people who support my writing on The Bootstrapped Founder, I had my 400th subscriber to the Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter just now, with a few hours to spare before the New Year.

TBF Stats at 400 Subscribers: 60% open rate, 30% click rate

In the last two weeks, traffic to my blog has consistently picked up, and every now and then, a reader decides to join the newsletter. Over this time, only two subscribers have chosen to be removed from the list, which is sensational to me. With an open-rate of over 55% in the last issue, I am very happy with how the newsletter is going.

The holidays have been very distracting though. Family, feasts, events and a little stomach bug that kept me in bed for three days did their best to keep me from working, but I found time to write. And when I did, it was bliss.

Next stop: 500!

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