Got My First 20 Newsletter Subscribers

Less than two days after having launched my blog The Bootstrapped Founder and the corresponding newsletter at https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/newsletter/, I am so grateful to report that (over) twenty people have subscribed to my newsletter so far.

One observation stands out: the EU requirement of double-opt-in is definitely a barrier to "easy adoption". Ten people signed up but didn't confirm the subscription. The ironic part is that you can't just reach out to them to confirm, as this would require them to confirm in the first place for you to have permission to reach out. As a newsletter recipient, I am glad this regulation exists. As a newsletter author, I have mixed feelings.

Still, I am very happy with the initial traction both my blog and my newsletter have received.

I have spent quite some time to draft the first newsletter that will go out later today, and it is a wonderful thing to write something that will be informative for people from my own tribe. I am so grateful for everyone who signed up - and for those who will sign up in the future.

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    I just signed up for your newsletter and noticed you say "success" when I enter my email...Don't use the word "success" when someone signs up. say "One more thing to do.. go check your email right now"

    Also an idea: Add downloadable pdfs, or zip files of info that they get in the first welcome email. That way there's a reason to opt in right away.

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      Thank you very much for taking the time to test my solution and thinking about how to improve it.

      I have made a few changes to the messaging flow, which was indeed not communicating the urgency of getting to the confirmation email.

      I will need to create some content for that first email, indeed. Thanks so much for the insights!

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    I don’t believe there is any requirement for double opt in for GDPR. Not legal advice so don’t sue me 😁

    Link from a lawyer:


    You need to make it clear what they’re signing up for before they sign up.

    Double optin is ok for keeping lists clean but as you’re seeing, not everyone confirms. Almost every double optin confirmation I receive goes to spam. Guessing because it’s always the same standard text.

    Anyway, I don’t use it and do regular list hygiene. And of course use an ESP that is GDPR compliant.

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      Thanks Paul! Lots of food for thought :)

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    Congrats on the good starting!

    Are you sure double opt-in is mandatory? I think it is a good practice, because it makes it dead-clear that you want that newsletter, but in principle, consent can be given in other forms, for example through ticking a checkbox. The door is open for cases where someone submits the wrong e-mail, or purposely adds someone else to your list.

    The question would be why someone would sign up and then not confirm the subscription. If you contact those persons to ask, without marketing purposes, you are not violating GDPR. Remember that just keeping the records of those persons puts you into the GDPR-sphere. I would try first to understand why someone wrote their e-mail but didn't confirm. Perhaps spam-filtering? Perhaps lost in a sea of mails? Perhaps GMail is putting your e-mail in a category people don't check?

    1. 1

      Thanks so much for the insight! I will do the research. I do assume Gmail sees "Newsletter" and throws it right into the promotions tab.

      I HAVE seen a few of the "unconfirmed" moving to "confirmed" in the last hour. So there is hope :)

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