November 15, 2019

Got My First 20 Newsletter Subscribers

Arvid Kahl @arvidkahl

Less than two days after having launched my blog The Bootstrapped Founder and the corresponding newsletter at, I am so grateful to report that (over) twenty people have subscribed to my newsletter so far.

One observation stands out: the EU requirement of double-opt-in is definitely a barrier to "easy adoption". Ten people signed up but didn't confirm the subscription. The ironic part is that you can't just reach out to them to confirm, as this would require them to confirm in the first place for you to have permission to reach out. As a newsletter recipient, I am glad this regulation exists. As a newsletter author, I have mixed feelings.

Still, I am very happy with the initial traction both my blog and my newsletter have received.

I have spent quite some time to draft the first newsletter that will go out later today, and it is a wonderful thing to write something that will be informative for people from my own tribe. I am so grateful for everyone who signed up - and for those who will sign up in the future.

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