November 25, 2019

Released the Bootstrapper's Bookshelf

Arvid Kahl @arvidkahl

I believe that books are instrumental to success. Learning about strategies, tactics, and experiences of other successful (and unsuccessful) founders has been very important throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

I learned about which books to read mostly from following people on Twitter and reading their blogs or listening to them on podcasts. Over the years, I have read a lot of books that came recommended through those channels.

So now that I am in a position of spending most of my time writing, I have made the choice to curate my own list of books for bootstrappers.

I have already written a handful of reviews for the books I find most insightful, and I will continue to dig through my notes regularly and add more reviews (and books).

It is a great joy to revisit books and distill them into a few paragraphs. As these books have been very valuable to my personal success, I have also added personal notes about what made them particularly valuable to me and FeedbackPanda with each review.

I think I will add at least one review a week. There sure are enough books to dive into.

I launched this on Twitter just now and I have already posted the link to Hacker News.

And of course, I have one looming question: what books are missing from the list that I should definitely add?

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