January 3, 2020

Launched The Brave newsletter!

Bethan Vincent @bdeltav

As I'm working behind the scenes on Season 2, which kicks off in mid January, I've been reading so many interesting articles/books around the topic of resilience.

I do send out daily tweets covering the best things I've found, but it would be great to collate this information in a less transient format.

I know every person and their dog seems to have a newsletter these days... and apparently I am no exception now!

My plan is to send out a short, clear and informative newsletter each week collating my picks on resilience/grit/performance from around the web.

If nothing else, it will encourage me to read more and think critically about the content I'm consuming. Hopefully it also will help other people uncover useful and thought-provoking content on resilience from around the web.

📩 https://mailchi.mp/087ec379b280/the-brave-newsletter

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