July 15, 2020

#Podcast Asian Woman Festival Power List 2020

Daizy Maan @daizymaan

Ok so this sounds braggy - the title that is. Though I reflected on why I started the podcast to begin with.

Even though so far I've only made 4 episodes in a year I realised I started because of the conversations I would get to have with people I admire who are doing great work in the world and 2) to share my experiences as I learn them.

Anyhow the second person I interviewed last year while visiting London reached out and let me know she was curating an "Asian Woman Festival Power List 2020" and that I was nominated to be part of that list.

It came as a surprise though I reached the conclusion had I not started the podcast I would 1) not have met her and she's really amazing 2) not have even been on her radar for this award

So the award is an unexpected but pleasant surprise and a beautiful reminder that even though the podcast doesn't have 1000's of listeners, it's served the purpose of building meaningful relationships which I care a lot about.